makingResearch and experience across the world shows that allowing time for children to develop skills for life instead of just ‘readiness for school’, is what is needed.
Steiner early childhood education and care provides a holistic approach enabling children from all backgrounds to develop essential skills such as speech, listening, physical and social in a nurturing and enabling play based environment supported by quality practitioners.
The later start to formal learning (6+ as is the case in Steiner Schools worldwide, and many countries where research and statistics show that children out-perform the UK where formal education begins at 4) lays the foundations for health, life-long learning and creativity. Parents are supported as partners in their child’s care and education, and the skills developed are secure, embedded and nurtured. Children enter school at 6+ motivated and excited about learning, having laid the foundations for formal literacy, numeracy and creativity and developed resilience and curiosity about the world and their place in it.
The main goals of Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Care and Educations are to recognise and support each stage of child development by:
•    working with the child’s natural inclination to be active which develops resilience
•    using imitation, co-operation and example as educational tools rather than instruction and direction
•    supporting creative child-initiated play with open-ended materials enabling creativity and imagination to flourish
•    providing a good sensory experience in the nurturing and enabling environment
•    supporting the child’s personal, social and moral development, enabling them to know and love the world through awe and wonder
•    working with rhythm and repetition enabling the child to feel safe and secure
•    working in mixed age groups develops social skills such as good communication, care and empathy

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