Rush Farm

adrian-anne-flashRush Farm, our beautiful 150 acre family run farm, which includes 22 acres of woodland, is Demeter biodynamic and Soil Association organic certified which means that no artificial pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or fertilisers are used on the farm. We raises Traditional Hereford Cattle and Llyen Sheep, as well as growing vegetables and fruit.
We have rich clover, herb and grass pastures which provide sufficient grass for our flock of sheep and herd of cattle to graze on. Cereal crops are grown as part of the rotation to provide straw bedding for the cattle during the winter while the grain is sold.
Our animals are all raised to Demeter biodynamic and Soil Association organic standards which guarantees high standards of care. They graze on organic pasture and animals are treated with homeopathy as a preventative measure and to treat problems such as mastitis.
Rich in wildlife and birdlife, we are working within the Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) scheme. Hares are regularly spotted around the farm as are roe deer, buzzards, rabbits and lapwings.
Flash is 7 years old and is our wonderful sheep dog. She loves to work but is very happy to stop and have a tummy tickle too and is very popular with everyone.
The children at Rush Farm Children’s Garden are able to explore the farm, visit the animals, watch the sheep being rounded up or sheared, help feed the lambs, pick their lunch from the garden and as well as the wood where they have a camp, there is Bow Brook to play pooh sticks in and paddle in when the weather is warm enough.
We have three grandchildren at Rush Farm Children’s Garden. We love the friendly, relaxed atmosphere there, we love seeing how much fun the children have and how happy they are and we are very happy that the farm is able to be a part of it.

Anne and Adrian Parsons

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