Why choose us

forest-schoolAt Rush Farm Children’s Garden we firmly believe that young children benefit from an unhurried and stress-free environment where there is time to discover the world around them and to master social, physical co-ordination, speech and other life skills. In preparation for formal schooling we offer extra activities, all included within the fees, which help to develop their:

Speech and language skills
Maths skills
Dexterity and physical co-ordination
Social skills
Respect for the natural environment

Nursery is often a child’s first experience away from their family and home. At Rush Farm Children’s Garden we aim to provide an environment that is as close to being in the heart of the home as possible. We are aware of the child’s need for sensory protection, a rich and ‘real’ experience and always a kind and loving adult to trust. Here, by maintaining a creatively active and harmonious space, it is our intention that each child develops an individual understanding of the world around them; of the people who populate that world and a clear sense of their own place within it.
By working in true partnership with parents we aim to provide an environment where the children are given the space and opportunity to have fun and learn through free play and planned activities. By placing focus on each child’s own personal development and by offering age appropriate experiences, each child is helped to develop into happy, creative, confident individuals.
We make use of simple, quality toys and equipment that are made from only natural materials as well as ‘found’ resources such as horse chestnuts, shells and pine cones that nourish their senses, stimulate their imagination and creativity and promote communication. We also make use of the beautiful surroundings on the farm to deliver excellent learning opportunities and forest school activities. For example, children develop both small and large motor co-ordination in the outdoor environment where they learn to stretch their physical abilities in climbing, balance, and learn to manage their own risk taking and boundaries.
We also recognise the importance that nutrition plays. We serve delicious, wholesome organic snacks and lunches. Each meal is prepared fresh that day by the teachers and children using, whenever possible, the vegetables and fruit grown on the organic farm on which we are based.

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