Class 1

The curriculum of Class 1 is structured to accord with the child’s imagination and learning readiness. This is determined by the underpinning pedagogical philosophy that holds that children develop according to broadly universal phases, that abstract and conceptual thinking come more naturally to children at a later stage and that young children learn best when the teaching appeals foremost to their feelings and artistic sense. Subject matter is presented in a pictorial way in a context that emphasises rhythm, routine and repetition.
All the core subjects such as English and Maths, are studied in the Main Lesson, which form the first lesson on every school day.
In Class One time is spent encouraging good habits of classroom life and work, fostering a sense of respect for others, reverence for nature and learning to connect with and care for the environment.
Writing is introduced using pictures, rhymes and stories, and practised with form drawing and movement. Reading begins with the children’s own written work and familiar songs and poems. Listening and speaking skills are also practised, with nature stories and fairy tales from around the world. Number work is begun, again with pictures, rhymes and stories and the four processes are introduced. A start is made on learning times tables by heart.
Lessons happen in the morning either in the upstairs classroom or outside. At lunch everyone eats together. The older children are given certain jobs of responsibility to carry out such as lighting the candle. The afternoon is free play and other activities such as crafts or gardening.

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